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Steve & Joyce Holthaus 
All we wanted was something better for ourselves.

After one failed traditional business attempt that left us on the verge of bankruptcy, we were introduced to Reliv.

Steve start using the products because they had a money-back guarantee. Within two weeks he noticed he had more energy, less cravings and he was handling stress better (plus he was saving money every day!).

Because of his results and what we learned about Reliv, we decided to get the whole family started on the products and get involved in the business at the same time.

Our family has experienced wonderful health benefits from the symptoms of sinus problems, cluster headaches, seasonal allergies, and menopause to name a few. But Steve always likes to say our best "result" is what the business has done for us.

With the Fit3 program, I was able to reach a healthy BMI and became a certified Pound Fit instructor because of the strength I gained from the workout programs.

We started sharing the Reliv products with others in 1993 and by March of 1995 this became our sole income.

We have always put the focus on helping others, not on the money. We love the freedom & flexibility--we've enjoyed working from home and being there for our children as they were growing up and now our 5 grandchildren; being involved in church ministry and traveling.

The biggest surprise, that we didn't expect, was the sense of purpose we have about being able to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Reliv gave us the chance to change the direction of our lives for the better.